Introduction of Products

Isolted Signal Transmitter

MTT originally started its business with designing and manufacturing of this category of products. Current major customers include public enterprises for water treatment, trash incineration, building air conditioning as well as industrial plants for steel/iron, power generation and petrochemical, etc. / The signal conditioners with transformer-isolation efficiently function to interface computers and front-end sensors for measuring temperature, pressure, flow, etc., in automated production systems. 

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Surge Protective Device

Lightning arrester (SPD: Surge Protection Device) is used for power supplies and signals. There are various lineups, and protect important devices and data from lightning and surge current.


Earth Line Noise Filter

Noise current on the grond line is attenusted by converting the energy into a dissipative form, Consequently, environmental noise energy level is reduced. GroundNite filter technology serves to ensure stable operation of equipment.


Digital Multi Meter

It is a 96 mm square digital meter that integrates an indicator and a converter to display up to 4 elements (bar graph ×4、digital×4) at one time. In addition, analog display of measured value is possible to switch. Being equipped with RS-485 and alarm output function as standard, remote monitoring is possible.


Isolated barrier

・Inspection acceptable product approved by TIIS( [Ex ia] IIC) / ・Made in Japan / ・Intrinsically safe conformable [Ex ia] / ・A-class grounding not required / ・Isolation between input、output and power、to avoid groung loop / ・Thickness 12.5 ㎜ / ・Connectable with any machine which conform to intrinsically safe parameter / ・Easy maintenance by using the connector terminal / ・35mm DIN rail mounting / ・SIL2(IEC61508) equivalent


Displacement Meter / Displacement Sensors

LVDT/RVDT sensors vary widely in specifications as to excitation frequency and sensitivity from model to model. Basic circuits of the SA-DM have been designed to absorb such differences among models. It can be used with various LVDT/RVDT sensors

Power Controller

It is usable in such areas as in South East Asian countries where power supply voltage fluctuate rather widely. Recommendable application is for semiconductor device production requiring high-safety, -reliability and -stability.