Introduction of Products.

Besides Signal Conditioners which have been enjoying an established reputation for thier stability and reliability for longer than 40 years in Japan, M.I. can offer diverse types of instruments and equipment to meet wide range of requirements existing in your territory.

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Tndustries to be targetted.

MTT Products are required for”Measurements & Control” in various industries.

Steel / Iron Factory

Automobile Manufactring

Solar Power Generation

Wind Power Generation

Water Supply and Drainage

Building Air Conditioning

Product news

April 30, 2020

FAST RESPONSE MODEL of MS3786 Direct Current Signal Conditioner have just released. Application: Industrial automation, Power generation controls.

The MS3786, direct current signal conditioner (Isolator) with isolated single output (High current output model),...

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December 02, 2019

MS5000 Series Ultra-slim Signal Conditioners

6.2mm ultra-slim design convenient for embedded systems. Operating temperature range: -20 to 65℃. Operating humidity...

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December 02, 2019

MS3700 Series Slim Plug-In Modules

Isolator with Isolated Dual Output (with Signal Selector Switches). The MS3704SW features built-in signal selector...

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