List of series by type(Isolted Signal Transmitter)

Plug-in Type

Industry standard thin, general-purpose plug-in series

MS3700 series

Condensing high precision and durability into a thin plug-in shape, wide range of AC power supply within width 29 mm. Slim plug-in isolated 1 output / 2 output signal converter gem.

Terminal Block Type

Shallow terminal block type series based on JIS agreement dimensions.

MS3000/3100 Series

Moisture proof coating and falling prevention terminal screw – Wide range AC power supply with depth of 40 mm. For applications that can not take depth space inside the board.

Rack-Mount Type

MTT pioneering high-density mounting series.

MS2900/3900 Series

Pursuing accuracy and stability – succeeding the best-selling MS2900 series tradition. A small chassis-mounting piece developed based on a new design concept “MS 3900 series”